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10:04 am - 12/06/2014

Interview with Jasmin Elfving; Head of Design for Esprit at Ett Hem Hotel in Stockholm

Jasmin Elfving, Head of Design Esprit Trend_1

How did you end up at Esprit?
Actually Esprit called me a few years ago and told me about their idea to bring out a new collection and a new division called Esprit de.corp. They saw the possibility for a new segment on the market: Scandinavian, French inspired and contemporary looks and styles for a very natural and feminine woman. Something new and fresh that would suit the Esprit customer. I was very grateful for the project and felt lucky to take on the challenge to start up something new and to create the whole package with design direction, a whole new look. I did the de.corp line for five years and it was so successful  that we merged this small division with our main collection. Today I’m heading the fast to market product line at Esprit which we call “Trend”. We started the new Trend office two years ago in London’s East and have now moved the team to our global headquarters inGermany. However I’m lucky enough to still live in London.
What was your idea behind the ´new´ Esprit?
The idea was to create a collection with a much shorter lead time from design to production to the shop floors. Products that are produced under a vertical business model. Esprit “Trend” allows us to react to trends and consumers’ demands immediately.
We can make fast decisions, can take inspirations from the international catwalks, translate them into the Esprit hand writing and deliver them to our stores within just a couple of weeks and months. 
Where do you get most inspiration from?
Mostly catwalks, but we also travel a lot to different fairs and pay attention to streetstyles. London is fantastic, I always get so much inspiration from there. In terms of runway collections I have looked a lot at Dries van Noten lately. He’s genius.
What´s the core of Esprit?
In 2007, when I started at Esprit, the company had it´s best year ever. We were very successful with our casual collections. But there also was a downside to the commercial success: When you are so strong and focus so much on international expansion, you are in danger to loose the touch with your core customers, to listen to her needs and wants which are for great basics and casual looks but with a modern, feminine and fashionable twist. We have refocused and are again putting the product first. It’s all about giving our customer the right product and  make her feel good about herself and feel at home in our stores. 
Who is the Esprit woman?
The way I like to think about it is how the founder of Esprit, Susie Tompkins, described it to me a while ago: She said she was always thinking about her best friend when designing and creating collections. A real woman with a real life, interested in fashion but not running after each and every trend. You always want your best friend to look good and feel at ease and confident at the same time. The Esprit woman has a job and maybe a family. She goes to the office, then picks up her kids. She goes to an event in the evening and maybe for a trip somewhere at the weekend. Our job is to create outfits for all the facets of her life and to make her look effortless and naturally beautiful.

1:49 pm - 09/06/2014

Interview with Alexandra Aronsson – our first beauty blogger

Alexandra Aronsson bild intervju

What is your background?

 I´ve been working as a freelancing make-up artist/hairstylist for about 12 years now. Originally from Ystad in the very south of Sweden. I moved to Stockholm in January 2000 and was supposed to stay for a year.. I started out working at Make-up Store for a year, then I quit my job and sat down with the yellow pages and started agency hunting. I got a chance to work through a small agency called Atom and then slowly worked my way up. It´s been really hard work but totally worth it, I have the best job in the world!

How did you end up as a make-up artist?

I started out thinking I wanted to be a hairdresser. For 7 years I worked at a small salon in Ystad and I was supposed to do my education as an apprentice there but faith wanted differently. So I went to USA (to work as a nanny) and met a girl there who was a make-up artist and that inspired me to find a make-up school when I came back to Sweden. In 1999 I went to Make-up Artist Skolen in Oslo, the best decision I ever made. Now I get to do both make-up and hair!

What is the most intriguing about the beauty business?

The people I get to meet and all the amazing places I get to go to first of all. And the fact that I learn new things every day, about products and techniques which makes it a job that is never boring.

Best memory from a make-up job?

Such a hard question, I can´t possibly pick just one, I´ve been working for more then 12 years so there are very many good memories. But from the top ten list I can pick a shooting in Kenya at a Safari among Warthogs, Elephants, Zebras, Buffalos and many more interesting animals.  I also really enjoyed being a part of the team for Lykke-Li´s “I follow rivers” video because I think she is extremely talented and an excellent singer.

What is the best advice you ever gotten?

  Hahaha, probably “get an accountant”. Not very glamorous but it´s extremely important to me to know that my business is being taken care of in the right way, that I´m paying the right taxes etc..

Do you have any beauty secrets?

I`ve got tons of beauty secrets! Little tricks and short cuts of all sorts and I constantly find out more, one of the perks of my job.

What will we be able to read about in your blog at Freshnet?

I will take you behind the scenes when I work and guide you through the never-ending jungle of beauty products that is out there and tell you about my favorites. I will share my beauty secrets and guide you through current trends within hair and make-up and give inspiration on everyday, party, and bridal looks. In short I will cover everything you need to know about beauty.

Welcome to Freshnet Alexandra!

4:15 pm - 26/05/2014

Interview Marcus Schuterman – new blogger at Freshnet!


Marcus Schuterman is born in Stockholm but left in 2011 to study International Affairs & Relations with a focus on Law & Business in Boston. At the moment he is working as an Investment Management analyst at Investec – the above being no reason for this interview though, but his heritage and interest in fashion… 

Where does your interest in fashion come from?
My interest in fashion comes from a coupe of sources, and not just the given answer which is my mother (Nathalie Schuterman). I have of course been raised in an inspiring environment with a mom who has a large passion for fashion – the business itself but also art & interior design. She has always shared her opinions but never told me how to dress or what to like. To be honest, it has been quite the opposite. Even though I have the incredible privilege to dress in clothes from fashion houses such as Tom Ford, Lanvin & Saint Laurent I often chose very simple things such as something monochromatic or something that is very functional.

How do you dress for everyday life?
Sometimes I have my preppy days, others my dressed days and my relaxation days. But working in banking the dressing bit disappears a bit, so I put more effort into the weekends!

Who inspires your style most?
There are three big men that inspires my style most and those are Gioanni Agnelli, Lapo Elkann & Brad Pitt.

What movie reflects you’re style best?
Thats a tough one! But if I could I would dress in a tux all the time or drift around as Robert De Niro in ´Casino` in pastel colored suits. It is to hard to only state one movie though so I´d rather say the series ´Suits´.

What´s your reason for taking on blogging?
It has been circulating in my mind for a while since art, photos, interior and of course clothes are fantastic & intriguing. The time is just right I guess!



Welcome to Freshnet Marcus!

11:19 am - 22/05/2014

H&M Summer with Gisele Bundchen

Not many of you can have missed the commercial with Gisele Bundchen singing Heart of Glass by now, and Gisele continues to radiate in H&M:s summer campaign. Dressed in basic styles and on location in her home from home in Costa Rica, she inspires with pieces for hot days. The styles in the summer campaign are functional and somewhat simple, but still intriguing with pattern combinations, monochromatic looks and accessories to match with the looks.


2:26 pm - 19/05/2014

3 details

The Case Factory has yet again joined forces with 3Details to create the most refined and up to date iphone cases. With cases like the one above in marble, others inspired by grunge and a couple of animal prints we can´t help but admit that phone cases are a part of a look as much as any other accessory. Our phone is the number one thing we always carry with us so why not make it pretty?
photos by Stockholm Streetstyle

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