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1:41 pm - 12/02/2014

Crocker spring campaign

Crocker Rockster_6


Crocker jeans are bending the boundaries more than any other brand on the Swedish fashion scene right now, and for a high street brand that is quite impressive. In the center of it all is model Erika Linder, starring in the campaign for both men & women. Erika with her chameleon like qualities has had a great year carrier wise and are really hitting it big on an international level. No one could better represent the Jeans brand in this androgynous campaign for spring.

Crocker Rockster_5

11:53 am - 12/02/2014

MM6 Maison Martin Margiela



MM6 Maison Margiela presented a collection with less surprises and many nice pieces, a judgement that the fashion house might not be proud of thinking about their heritage. Margiela has always been a brand bending the limits for what is wearable and what not, what a piece is and what not. There is nothing wrong with this collection, but there is nothing exciting about it either. We have to remember that this is the MM6 line though and the whole thought being that it should be an urban brand that people actually can wear. In that sense this is an achievement, but there is not much Margiela left in our opinion.

10:52 am - 11/02/2014

Marie Hindkaer for InWear SS14


Marie Hindkaer, blogger at Freshnet and founder of Luellemag looks incredible in InWear´s spring/summer campaign. InWear´s design is modern, functional and empowering, and Marie personifies the design with her fashionable approach and ambition. The fashion editor are a now diligent fashion week goer and have grown with her position as Luellemag editor and Scandinavian style icon. InWear´s campaign reflects her bold choice of pattern mixes but with pieces that are classic and that radiate self confidence.


11:47 am - 10/02/2014

NYFW/Altuzarra ss14



Altuzarra fall winter 2014 could never get near the hype that circulated the lates collection for spring & summer – that collection still cause cardiac arrest to most fashion hearts including ours – But it was in no way a bad collection. The pieces where just a bit more mature & elegant and with less edge, which perhaps might sound negative but could actually be the opposite. The mix of materials was intriguing  and those rug rat fabrics that was seen as detailing on some pieces and was fully used on others where the stand out pieces for this collection. Somehow we got to thinking about the best of Proenza Schouler (the color mixes and patterns that occurred with this fabric) and last years Celine (because of that rugged feeling). It might have had less of that wow effect than the previous collection, but this is a great collection anyway.

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11:24 am - 06/02/2014

New York fashion week

Alexander Wang SS14 courtesy of Dazed & Confused

Alexander Wang SS14 courtesy of Dazed & Confused

New York fashion week is one of the most anticipated fashion weeks, with only Paris to match. The american scene hosts all the most wearable brands with most commercial success but perhaps also with the most edge. This year it has been much talk about Alexander Wang´s show that will be presented in a venue in Brooklyn, raising many eyebrows and making cab´s busier than new years eve since no one wants to miss the one brand that ultimately represents NYC. We also have to mention Rodebjer, one of our favorite Swedish brands that have moved to New York. We will of course follow all the action closely here on Articles, but make sure to check out our two girls on the other side of the pacific: Carolina Engman a.k.a Fashionsquad and Eddie Mitsou.

Above you can view the best shows from New York fashion week in our live stream.

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