& other Stories presented their first collection yesterday at Modin Åkerlind in front of an excited crowd of fashion people in Stockholm. What once started out as a beauty brand, soon developed into a whole concept with one clear goal, to give customers the opportunity to build their own style, their story.

What impresses the most, other than the strong signature this new brand already have managed to build throughout their line of products, is the concern for the environment. All the beauty packaging by & other Stories will give you a price reduction of your purchase when returned to the store for recycling. All the containers are minimalistic in their design and the plastic have a low melting point which makes it even easier to recycle. The lighting in the stores is also well thought through, and for several months the team tried different bulbs to find out which ones were most energy efficient. The team behind the brand have a huge ambition to work with organic cotton. The collection is also not based on trends but styles, the focus is instead to make clothes that are sustainable yet fashionable, so that the customers will want to use the clothes season after season.

There are many influences and themes to the spring collection, but there is also a visible red thread through all the products by & other Stories, something the head of the brand Samuel Fernström and Creative Director Sara Hildén Bengtsson can take credit for. The designers behind the brand describe the spring collection in four different directions: Contradictory & Minimalistic, Industrial & Casual, Sophisticated & Architectural and Poetic & Boyish, with contrast being the lead word. The androgynous vibe to some of the pieces are in contrast to the girly pieces in bright colors, and the vintage feel to some pieces are in contrast to the modern feel of other.  The ocean prints are impressive and on a suit they make for a very impressive look. The head of design is Anna Teurnell who works from both the atelier in Paris and in Stockholm. Colombe Campana and Behnaz Aram designs the ready to wear pieces with their teams in Paris and Stockholm. Philomène Tellaroli and Luca La Rocca are responsible for the accessories and Nicole Wilson who has previously been at Acne, joined & 0ther Stories in 2011 to design shoes for the brand.

The Beauty line starts with a concern for your skin, and the products resemble those of Dermalogica. The goal is to create a well functioning wardrobe for your skin. When it comes to make up there are both base & color products. These are created in harmony with the pieces in the collection to make it easy to mix and match and create a unique but also balanced look.

We look forward to seeing the store open to be able to view the concept in it´s full capacity!


Some of our favorite pieces include the Biker jacket (75 euro), skirt (55 euro), sandalette (125 euro), ocean print blazer (145 euro), jeans with leather detailing (195 euro), bag (145 euro) and down below sandals (45 euro). Prices are subject to the  materials used, something the brand considers their philosophy.

By Simone Brenemark Molvidson