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12:44 pm - 23/04/2014

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Freshnet & Fashion Networks

3:09 pm - 22/04/2014

Efva Attling


After being a model, singer, TV host and fashion designer, Efva Attling reoriented and started designing jewelry. At first she shared a studio with three other girls in Stockholm, but quickly decided that she wanted to have something of her own. So in 1999 she opened up her first shop on Södermalm in Stockholm. And now, 15 years later, Efva has offices in more than 10 different countries and over 150 stores worldwide.

The company is aiming to make jewelry that are stylish, beautiful and inspiring. Her jewelry assortment includes wedding ring´s, necklace´s, ring´s, earring´s, bracelet´s, watche´s and brooche´s. The material that is most frequently used is silver but more exclusive materials such as white gold and rose gold are also available. Diamonds and pearls are the gems that usually decorate jewelry signed Efva Attling. “Beauty with a thought” is the brand´s key sentiment.

11:24 am - 14/04/2014

Alexander wang x h&m


Sonia Rykiel, Stella McCartney, Lanvin, Isabel Marant and Versace have all cooped up with the multimillion clothing chain H&M for exclusive collaborations. Next in line is no one else than New York’s sweetheart Alexander Wang.

“Alexander Wang is one of the most important voices in fashion today. He understands exactly what people want to wear and does it with an energy and passion that’s infectious. It feels incredible to be collaborating with him this year.” H&M’s creative advisor Margareta van den Bosch.

Alexander Wang announced his partnership with H&M on Saturday night ahead of a joint party at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts festival. Wang will be the first American designer the Swedish fast fashion retailer has partnered with for its annual designer collaborations.

10:09 am - 11/04/2014

Get inspired – Linda Pira


Swedish hip-hop is blooming! Or let us rephrase, female Swedish hip-hop. The latest statement in Swedish hip-hop is the remix of Linda Pira´s – Knäpper mina fingrar, where several influential women are featured.

Since Linda Pira´s break through with the single Rome & Kush she has grown to be an icon. Her verses have resulted in a record deal, a series on Swedish television online SVT Play and the interest in the artist from listeners, media and the music industry have been ample. The media have not been as accepting though and her lyrics have been critized by the press at times. Linda Pira´s music makes a lasting impression, to say the least.

10:09 am - 07/04/2014

Gant Rugger for women!


Hösten 2014 lanserar GANT Rugger sin första kollektion för dam, men idén till konceptet föddes redan när de mest inbitna GANT Rugger fansen, – kvinnor som valde att köpa de små storlekarna av kollektionerna designade för män – använda hashtagen #girlsingantrugger i sina sociala media kanaler. Varumärket och teamet bakom kollektionerna valde att lyssna på och inspireras av dessa självständiga och grymma kvinnor, och resultatet är den första kollektionen av nya GANT Rugger designern Filippa Hallstensson.

GANT Rugger´s female fans – women who chose to buy the pieces deigned for men – started the hashtag #girlsingantrugger which was the starting point for a women´s collection by the brand who listened to these women´s wishes and thoughts. GANT Rugger is a underline from GANT redefining what american sportswear is. New designer Filippa Hallstensson is the perfect match for GANT Rugger and who better develop this line for women than somebody who has lived and breathed the brand from the beginning from a woman’s point of view?

GANT Rugger for women 2014 from Fashion Networks on Vimeo.


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